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Products recognized for their high quality, ease of use and the accessibility of their prices. Room Alert is « Environment Monitoring Made Easy... Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late ! »



  • Software cash for your point of sale



 The software LinéoStore

Software cash and management to the retail and specialty shops

LinéoStore is a pos software designed specifically for the daily management of a retail trade.

The software cash LinéoStore is open to all types of businesses and specialty stores.




The software LinéoFashion

Software cashier for textile shops, shoe and accessories

LinéoFashion is a pos Software designed specifically for the daily management of shops of ready-to-wear and fashion accessories.

The software cash LinéoFashion is open to all types of fashion boutique.




 The software LinéoBeauty

Software cash for beauty salons, spas and beauty institutes

LinéoBeauty is a pos Software designed specifically for the management of hair salons, spas and beauty institutes and well-being.





The software LinéoFood

Software cashier for the sale to take away

Linéo Food is a pos software dedicated to bakery and snacking. Linéo Food offers an entry speed that allows you to optimize the waiting time of your customers.




The pos System LinéoScale

Software cash and balance weight connected

Linéo Scale is a Software fund, integrated into a balance for sales of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, butcher, delicatessen, fishmonger.

The installation of several scales are connected, you can start a sale on one of the scales and to continue the sale and then cashing in on another configuration that we encounter especially in the markets.


4 ranges of software with blankets functional different

Essential : The solution Linéo Essential is designed for small budgets, mono-post, and are not managing the fidelity

Premium : The solution Linéo Premium is designed for small shops with 1 to 3 positions

Integral : The solution Linéo full is for store manager in the commercial management and procurement

Multi channel* : The solution multi-Channel is designed to store networks and connections e-commerce

  • Geolocation

NATIC Technology offers a simple solution for the Geolocation of your vehicle : for a knowledge of the terrain and have multiple wins.

Need to locate your vehicles in real-time ?

Thanks to solutions from GPS tracking, you have total control over all of your vehicles. Paramedics, couriers, carriers...

We offer a gps system which will adapt to the problems of your business by increasing your efficiency.

With our solutions for GPS geolocation, you will always have a mission ahead ...



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