An audit is often necessary to optimize the various components of your computer. It is an indispensable tool to determine the most effective and especially more suited to your actual needs solutions.

IT Audit

Today computers have become an essential tool for any business.

Knowing your computer system is the indispensable starting point for all your future plans. Whether you need to install a new application or a new server, see changed provider for maintaining your facilities. The starting point remains unquestionably perfect knowledge of your system.

Accepted a service without having the information necessary to its smooth running is a way of making ineffective or even dangerous. In most cases, the decision-making related to these projects can be complex and misjudged financial risk.

Here are the main areas that will be identified by our audit.

Know your computer system for better control.

Your server does function satisfactorily?

- Information systems (IS) use various vital services for your fleet. Many servers centralize spots that could be disaggregated to optimize performance and enhanced security.

Is your work machine park homogenous?

- The uniformity workstations significantly reduces potential problems on a park. It also ensures in case of failure the quick and efficient implementation of solutions. Natic ​​offer you various solutions to implement.

    Remote maintenance
On-site intervention

Where are you your license?

- The audit helps to have an inventory of used licenses. Apart from the legal aspect of the problem, you will have a clear idea of ​​the situation of each position and therefore the cost per machine.

What are the strategies employed backups on your server?

- The cornerstone of your information system without an appropriate strategy, you risk losing your data, so the money. Natic ​​explain how to secure your data optimally.

- Backup Solutions

"Natic ​​Technologies is the ideal partner to answer these questions"

- Supervision and Metrology

Administration and troubleshooting server, workstation.

- Creation of reference positions of your most commonly called workstations images or Ghost
- Administration and troubleshooting by remote park
- Physical Intervention of our technicians on-site
- Server Optimization and Troubleshooting
- Creation of specific server, data, antivirus, printing

Users counts Strategy.

- Development or changing account policies.
- Implementation of biometric access control.
- Lists and user rights management.
- FAT / NTFS partition Change
- Development of backup strategies.
- Offset and data storage.
- Establishment of disaster recovery plan (DRP)

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